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Specializing in customized 1-3 person charters that cater to the customer's desires and goals whether it is instructional on current techniques, chasing trophy fish, or just looking for max opportunities on numbers.  Walleyes and steelhead are migratory fish so I will travel to the port that best fits your goals.  I am equipped to jig, cast, or troll.    


Lake Erie is mecca for the serious walleye fisherman.  Nowhere on earth are your chances of landing one or more fish over 10 lbs better than the west half of Lake Erie from November to May.  This year's Great Lakes Commision reports 55 million walleyes of catchable size in the basin so along with trophy potential, high catch rates are also likely.  From ice out til April trolling and stationary jigging with ice fishing type baits produce both numbers and quality fish.  
The month of April into early May drift fishing with jigs in the shallow portions of the West Basin is simply outstanding for eater sized fish.  During that same period slow trolling large plastic crankbaits or worm harnesses produce big females pre and post spawn.  I usually suggest doing both on April trips.  
May through June there are tremendous numbers of average sized fish with the occasional trophy prowling the West Basin.  These fish are recovering from the rigors of spawning and feed heavily.  Trolling worm harnesses or casting mayfly rigs take lots of fish this time of year.
June through fall the fishing remains strong for average sized walleyes in the West Basin.  Perch begin to school in late summer and combination trips for both species are possible.  Bigger females move into the deeper and cooler waters of the Central Basin and good catches of trophy sized fish are common from Kelleys Island to the PA line.  Pelee Island Canada also offers some outstanding fishing in June and July. 


 Perch fishing begins to fire up in the early summer and remains good into cold weather in the fall.  Recent years have produced tremendous year classes of perch in the Western Basin so numbers and size should be outstanding again this year.


The State of Ohio stocks 400,000 to 500,000 rainbow trout into several rivers in NE Ohio.  Those fish run out to the lake during the summer and return in the fall and spring to spawn.  These andronomous rainbows are referred to as steelhead and in Lake Erie they feed heavily on the smelt and other bait forage.  These fish grow rapidly and offer an awesome fishery on the open water and in the rivers.  Beginning in late June large schools of steelhead can be found offshore in Ohio waters where they readily hit trolled spoons.  In mid to late July the smelt converge on an area east of Point Pelee and the steelhead show up in great numbers to feed on them.  I offer trips orginating from the U.S. shoreline to that area (typically a 40 to 50 mile run each way) and it offers some of the most exciting fishing that Lake Erie has to offer.  I expect 10 to 20 bites a day but 20 to 30 are not uncommon.   These fish are bright chrome colored and acrobatic "silver bullets" that put on a show when hooked up.  There is a relatively small window of 3 to 4 weeks for this type of fishing.   Due to the distance traveled by water these trips are weather dependent.  If a steelhead trip is booked and Captain Eric determines weather is unsafe these trips can be substituted for a walleye or perch trip at a lower cost.  


Lake Erie walleye and perch jigging/casting/trolling.  7 hours or limits.  $450
Detroit river jigging spring or fall.  8 hours or limits. (Requires Ontario license and passport)  $500
Offshore Ohio, Wheatley/Erieau Ontario steelhead full day or limits. (Requires Ontario license and passport)  $600.  

Things to bring

Rain gear, sun screen, camera, Dramamine, sunglasses, soft soled shoes.  I will provide a cooler for you to put your food and drinks into.  Please no more than 12 beers total per trip and no liquor or drugs!  Excessive intoxication will not be tolerated and will result in cancelation of the remainder of the trip with no refund!  
FYI Canadian law prohibits alcohol on board at any time.
Erie Gold Fishing will provide ice for your catch, drinks, and food.  Also included in the trip are rods and reels, bait, lures, and tackle.  If you have a favorite non-trolling rod and reel you'd like to use feel free to bring it.  I use hi-vis braid on all the jigging and perch rods.  It is highly recommended for that type of fishing.   

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